Apple has launched iOS 8 last year which comes with a lot of useful new features for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. Among the new features are the third-party keyboards, custom sharing and action options, enhanced Spotlight, Extensibility which allow for interactive notifications, Family Sharing as well as Continuity. On top of that, iOS 8 also comes with updates to Messages and Photos for example, custom photo filters and effects, improved Mail and Safari as well as Health app.


This year, it seems like Apple is ready to test the new operating system iOS 9 as per Google Analytics from the below screenshot. It is expected to be introduced for the first time in June this year during the annual conference WWDC 2015. Apparently, Apple not only tests internally but also externally by its developers.

This is aligned to Tim Cook’s statement which mentioned that Apple will try to release a major version of iOS and Mac OS each year.  Unfortunately, there is no further detail on what other new features which going to be implemented for iOS 9. Hopefully there are some leaks or preview prior to the launching.