Not very long ago in past, nearly 14 months ago, Apple made a deal with GT Advanced Technologies to get the sapphire crystals from the company. The development of the product was to begin in a plant running under Apple in Mesa, Arizona.

Apple Investing $2 Billion in New Data Center

GT Advanced was not able to provide Apple with enough of the material, which the firm required, and the finishers were not on the way to stimulate the production of sapphire glass.

Due the problems of production, Apple discarded the plan of using sapphire glass as a display of its new models of iPhones.

The firm instead used the hardened glass. Apple provided GT Advanced nearly $440 million, and held back the last check of $139 million, that pushed the corporation into bankruptcy.

Apple has considered on getting back the facility and to develop it into a data center, $2 billion will be invested by the firm to turn it into 1.3 million square-foot plant. The company is doing so to appoint extra Americans. Apple’s spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said, the data center “will serve as a command center for our global networks.”

At the most recent data center of Apple, 150 people will be appointed for working full-time and 300 to 500 constructions and buying and selling jobs will be created. The company is planning to use renewable energy consisting of solar power. But to gain control of the plant, the tech giant has to wait until the upcoming year. According to agreement signed between the GT Advanced and Apple, the GT Advanced can use the factory till December 2015.