Patents issue all set to be resolved!

Apple and Google’s Motorola Mobility had patents litigation issues which the companies have seemed to resolve mutually. A joint announcement was made on Late Friday US time regarding this. However this doesn’t allow either company to use licenses of the other company. However the most fascinating part of this resolution is that both the companies would be working in revising few patents. Well almost everyone who reads news regularly knows that Google took over Motorola Mobility in $12.5 Billion in 2011. However things didn’t go all that well and Google had sold off the handset section of the company to Lenovo in the first quarter of this year. Most of the patents were reserved by Google though.

Coming back to the current patent issue, the latest deal would solve most cases that were pending between Apple and Google. But this won’t have any impact on the Apple – Samsung War. The judgments that were passed in favor of Apple against Samsung have not been implemented yet and one of them is still under appeal.

Apple and Motorola Mobility accused each other of infringing patents back in 2010 which were combined into a single case and were ruled off by Judge Richard Posner. An appeals court ruled last month that Apple can seek Sales ban against Motorola Mobility and the case now seems closed after this mutual consent resolution. We will keep updating you on this hot issue and keep watching this space for updates!