Apple’s news

AppleInsider has recently announced breaking news for tech lovers. The news is about Apple’s new patent which will make it possible to have mobile devices that are solar-powered. The patent explains in detail the idea to have a flexible display in which a solar array is embedded inside the layer where the touch sensors are present. This will make it possible to further decrease the size of electronic devices.


The new patent is actually an improved version of an old patent of Apple. That patent was about touch-sensitive surfaces; however, it did not include anything about a display like this one. Matter of fact, the previous patent was only about the system of touch-sensitive surfaces which did not really gave it much utility value that is required in contemporary devices.


In another version of this patent of Apple, the solar cells would not be facing the display or touch sensor component. This idea will work as there will be other means like ports or holes for routing the light to the sensor. The ports and holes will allow the light to reach the sensor. In addition to this, a fiber optic can also be used to internally reroute the light from solar cells to the display.


This idea holds the key to Apple’s plan to develop what the company is dreaming for quite some time: a solar-powered iPad or iPhone. At the moment, the results of solar-powered devices are not very good, and the amount of electricity required by the mobile devices with good display features is very high. Therefore, it is not possible for the Apple to launch a fully solar-power iOS device in the near the future. However, it is very much possible that this technology will be used as an additional support to make the battery life of the device touch display