As September 9 is drawing closer we are hearing more and more rumors about Apple. Now according to rumours Apple is reportedly teaming up with three major credit card companies for its iWallet. The official announcement on this will be made on September 9 with the launch of iPhone 6.

There are also some more rumours doing rounds like iPhone 6 may posses a different mobile payment system. Other one is that iPhone 6 may have NFC connectivity. As per reports Tim Cook is interested in the new mobile  payment system.

By tying up with the credit card trio the iPhone’s iWallet may turn out to be a great feature. As earlier iPhones too posses TouchID scanner, the online payment gateways can easily verify the payment maker by the use of his fingerprints. Now, prospect for this feature is huge as Apple has over 800 million iTunes user accounts and their payment information on it. According to estimates Apple is expected to make $300 million In advertsing on opening of every iWallet account.

As CEO, Crone Consulting LLC Richard Crone says, “There’s huge potential with Apple having a market-defining opportunity. However, there’s lots of moving parts in payment that make the deals they did with artists and Hollywood for iTunes look like child’s play.”