WWDC being this week Apple is rumored to make a big announcement of Smart Home which will allow users to control the inner working of the house. This will enable iPad and iPhone users to open a garage doors to switching on lights when you reach home.

This feature will allow users to control home appliances when they are out on vacation to create an illusion of people being home to call of burglars. This feature would be Apple’s patent and appliance manufacturers can get authorized certificate.  Some of the manufacturers like Nest, Philips, Dropcam are expected to get certified.  Google is producing smart thermostats after buying Nest at $3.2 billion.

Reports also states that Apple is also to launch iOS8 in WWDC which starts in this week starting on June 6. Apple’s AirPlay, CarPlay and iBeacon, Bluetooth LE could be employed in the platform. This low energy version of Bluetooth, allows for connectivity over very short distances. This means that the system will be able to tell your exact position of the home owner wielding the iPhone or iPad being used to control the “Smart Home,” even if it is a big mansion.

On the other side Google has come up with a similar type of initiative called [email protected] So both operating system working for the same cause let’s see who gets the better of it.