Personally, I enjoy watching promotional videos, especially of famous brands, and then give my verdict. And when these Apple videos came up to advertise the recently launched iPhone 6 Plus, I knew I just have to do it again. Basically, these iPhone 6 Plus video advertisements show why ‘Plus’ is added in its name. not only was it bigger in size, but also better in screen resolution, battery and optical image stabilization for the camera. Its interface has also been improved to match its phablet chassis size.
So, here are several promotional videos from Apple you might also have fun in watching and poring over.
Simple, yet comically interesting. I think the background music is genius.

Again this one is very straightforward as well, but not as appealing as the first. I found nothing new in its concept.

There is no question this video is very informative, although I must say the video is not grasping enough during the first minute for me. However, it became interesting as you go along. If you want to know the most important details and benefits you can get from the new iPhone 6 Plus but want to skip reading unexciting pages of product details and specifications, this video can truly be helpful.

Apple also introduces its smartwatch after recently entering the wearable market. The video is quite long, which lasts more than 10 minutes.

More Apple videos:

What do you think about these advertisements? Are they so Apple?