After all the tremendous success path over the past few years, Apple has got yet another feather to add to its cap. This week on Tuesday the Apple share surged heavily on stock market indices and the company registered itself to be one of the first ever companies to have a market capitalization of whopping $700 billion. The exact figure stands to $710.7 billion – a milestone no one has achieved till now.

With this Apple has left behind two biggies from its own hometown name the giant WallMart and Exconn who today stands in the second position. Still Exconn is way behind having a market cap of $385 billion. Apple announced its first quarter fiscal reports with a net profit of $18 billion. Additionally, in the past December quarter Apple sold a whopping 74.5 million handsets of iPhone.

Apple market cap comparison chart

This puts Apple to be twice the size of Google and Microsoft. Well, Apple still has one more product launch ahead this year its famous timepiece Apple Watch. If this too proves to be a big heat with rising demand we cant just estimate at what speed would the grow ahead in this coming year. Might be the first trillion dollar company of the world!
source: WSJ