With Apple’s iPad Air in the market, the company has launched its Ad Campaign in full force. Apple has always been known to have ‘out of the box’ marketing of its product like “Think Different”. The new ad is called “You Verse” is about the new iPad Air.

Apple has till now launched two versions of its “You Verse” ad which show some unconventional uses of its device. One of the ad exhibits how iPad Air helps an hearing impaired to travel around the world. Here’s Cherrie King a travel writer roaming around the word using her iPad.

The other stars Finnish composer Esa-Pekka Salonen’s with his new The Orchestra app that helps the process of creating orchestral scores.

Esa-Pekka talking about his Oreshtra app said “I wanted to shed light on the symphony orchestra — its history and its present. To explain how and why it works the way it works. All of a sudden, what looks kind of odd and distant and maybe a little abstract becomes much more real and normal. I’d be delighted if somebody would discover classical music through The Orchestra.”