Well, we can’t actually forget the fact that Apple before the launch of its first iPhone had been initially in news for its famous music audio equipment iPods. There is no denial to the fact that iPod was one of the best audio device with exquisite surround sound effect challenging the might of Sony and other competitors.

Well recently, Apple is making a big news as it has purchased an audio equipment company Beats in a deal at $3.2 billion. With this deal. The Beats Music streaming service will join company’s iTunes division.

The deal was confirmed two days back with one of the founders of Beats Dr. Dre and actor Tyrese Gibson, where the announcement was made on actor’s Instagram page. This is considered to Apple’s largest acquisition recently.

A recent report from Nielsen says that the SoundScan album and individual track sales were down by nearly 13% and 11%. Well, this deal has turned Dr. Dre to be the first billionaire hip-hop artist.