Apple has bought several smaller technology companies in order to improve the company’s own location technology and services. One of the companies is Coherent Navigation. According to the company’s former CEO’s Linked In page, it is said that the company has partnership with companies like Boeing and Iridium. Iridium is the satellite network operator. The former CEO of Coherent Navigation is Paul Lego.

Coherent Navigation was founded in 2008. It is a small company which specializes in creating high precision navigation systems and it seems like it is more advance that other consumer-grade global positioning systems. The accuracy is normally within three to five meters.  Furthermore, the company has worked on autonomous navigation and robotics projects including projects for Defense department.

It seems like Apple started to buy over smaller technology companies which the works in mainly in Global Positioning System (GPS) related product or service since six years ago. In 2009, Apple has acquired Placebase which was seen as the first step of Apple to build its own mapping technology. From then on, Apple has bought several other companies such as Locationary and Hopstop which is working on similar things.

In the end, in 2012, finally Apple has released its own mapping service using in-house technology as well as licensed technology from TomTom, a digital mapping company from Dutch. Apple Map is seen as Apple’s response to compete with Google Map.