The new app for Google Glass is designed to be able to read human’s emotion. Shore Human Emotion Detector (SHORE) was developed by researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany. Its capability includes ability to detect someone’s age, gender and basic emotions. The apps can gauge someone’s feeling based on the 10,000 number of annotated face records in the database. It is able to detect whether someone is happy, sad or angry among all the other type of emotion.

The software was built to help people with communicative disability, for example: autism, so that they can interact better in the society. Another usage of this app is for visually impaired people, so that the missing information can be relayed to the wearer by using audio playback. Fraunhofer emphasize that the app will not able to tell the person’s identity, it is only able to analyse and gauge someone’s feeling at that period of time. Furthermore, in attempt to protect the user’s privacy, the researchers have promised not to send any images or data to the cloud.

Although it has been tested by participating in the Google Glass Explorer Program, the researchers are yet to confirm the launch date of the product. In any case, their challenge is to solve the optimization issue and the ability to run the app in any platform or operating system.