App Pass is a service which offered by Opera to give the mobile subscribers an easy control over costs related to data usage. It is currently targeted at emerging markets in Asia region such as Vietnam and Myanmar. App Pass works with other browsers or mobile app which runs on Android phone. It is quite different from Opera Max, which was launched last year, and also aimed to let users save money on their mobile data usage. Opera Max only works with Opera browser.

Opera is working together with a Norwegian carrier, Telenor, which also operates mobile networks in countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar to run a pilot run of App Pass to see how the public response to the service.

In the beginning, App Pass will offer a selection of apps that users can access without any data charges. Later on, Opera will introduce sponsored App Passes as well as the priced feature which when you pay a flat fee, you can access a bundle of apps.

In the U.S, there is a similar App Pass which is launched by Sprint last year. However, these two App Pass is not the same although they may sound alike. The U.S version of App Pass is a product developed with Canadian company Mobiroo which gives users 14-day free trial of a selection of apps After that period, the users will need to pay $4.99 each month as flat fee for unlimited access to the bundle of apps.