If you are a fan of Transformers and Angry birds, this is a good news for you! The Angry Birds Transformers edition is out for Android. The Angry birds transform into Autobirds (Autobots)  while the pigs who are the enemies are called to be the Deceptihogs. This is a good twist for both games.


The Angry Birds Transformers aims to kill all the Deceptihogs by tapping the screen to shoot them. This is an action packed game that has lasers, turn Autobirds into cars and full of explosion. This is easy yet you need to think fast in order for you to kill the enemies by destroying the structures. It takes time to kill them by shooting the Deceptihogs directly – which derived from the old concept of the game (Angry Bird).

Angry-Birds-Transformers-screenshots (1) Angry-Birds-Transformers-screenshots (2)








Aside from the Deceptihogs, there are enemies that you have to kill to complete the level. As you go on with the next level, the more you will meet different enemies.


Angry-Birds-Transformers-screenshots (3)Angry-Birds-Transformers-screenshots


The game has different levels as well as the different characters  from the Transformers to be unlocked such as Bumblebee, Opitmus Prime and the rest will be introduced as you go on with the game. Each character has its special ability to destroy something. You can also upgrade their weapon and skills to catch up to the difficulty of the level. This is a good game to try on.  Autobirds, ROLL OUT!