Rovio has been mocking the imminent arrival of Angry Birds Epic for quite some time now and the game has finally gone live recently in the Play Store. This is a shift from the conventional bird slinging madness that results in every Angry Birds game as Rovio is now transitioning into the turn based RPG genre with this latest AB installment.

The character set remains unchanged and users will catch the same list of birds that they’re already accustomed to, barring a few surprises.Users will see characters fighting with swords, magic spells and appealing to every mythical object they could think of. It will be based on Rovio’s widely successful freemium model, which basically means that the game will be free to download but players will be forced into making in-app purchases for continuity.

The reviews on the Play Store page are fairly diversed at the moment and some are even suggesting that the game doesn’t run on ART (or Android Runtime) and that it requires Dalvik, which is a little surprising as most games in the franchise, including the recently launched Angry Birds Go, are compatible with the design.

Overall, Angry Birds Epic is the much needed segment in the franchise and might just be adequate to get Angry Birds fans back in affection with the franchise. Download the app from the link below and post your views.

Angry Birds Epic link: