The first version of Angry Birds has taken the world by storm when it was first launched in 2009 with 3 billion game downloads. It is basically a game which featuring colorful birds, green pigs, slingshot and a catchy game tune.  Some of the famous characters of Angry birds such as Red (the red bird), Chuck (the yellow bird), Bomb (the black bird) and not forgetting the green pigs.

Angry Bird was designed by a game studio named Rovio. It was then a small game studio prior to Angry Birds. After the Angry Birds game was released and then more than 10 other versions of Angry Birds games were released after that, Rovio has hit the jackpot. Angry Birds was launched as the company’s 52nd title.

Recently, Rovio announced that the company is coming up with the sequel of Angry Birds which simply named Angry Birds 2. Rovio called it the mother of all sequels. The new game will be available to download from app stores starting from July 30 worldwide.

There is not much information about what type of game is Angry Birds 2 released till date. However, one thing for sure, the characters that we knew from the first sequel will still be around. Apparently, Rovio is reported to unveil more about Angry Birds 2 on July 28, two days before the game hits the store.