Andy is an Android Jelly Bean emulator which can run as full software on your desktop. If you are looking for such thing to run Android apps on a desktop computer then you must try Andy. It’s worth trying because it’s better than BlueStacks or Youwave that can only run Android apps. Andy would be a best choice for those want to test the Android environment before going for an Android smartphone. Also you can play your favorite Android games on a much larger screen.

Andy can be downloaded for free and it works with Windows and MAC. Key features of Andy is not limited to the below list,

  • It provides seamless sync between mobile devices and desktop
  • It connects Windows or Mac with Android apps for launching, storage and push notifications
  • Apps can be downloaded to Andy OS directly from any desktop browser
  • Maintains Android OS up to date all the times
  • It Your favorite entertainment and communication Android mobile apps can be used on your desktop

The Andy is a virtual machine running of VirtualBox so the performance might be lagging sometime especially when using an older desktop computer. Google Play Store can be directly accessed from Andy. You can install or delete any app by signing in with your Google account.

Steps to get Andy:

  • Download Andy from the official site
  • Install the downloaded file. Approved Windows firewall request.
  • You will be seeing an Android welcome screen once the system boots up. The boot process may take up to one minute.
  • Click on Start and sign in to your Google account. You have to create a Google account if you don’t have one already.
  • Complete the setup screens following the instructions.
  • There you go, Andy is ready!