Google has announced updates for its Android Wear app which is now available on Google Play Store. Android Wear is Google’s operating system for smartwatches. Google had earlier announced a major Android Wear firmware update which includes Wi-Fi support, always-on app support and other usability upgrades. Your smartwatch will first have to receive this firmware update for some features of the new Android Wear app update to take effect. The firmware update will be rolling out for all the Android Wear smartwatches starting with LG Watch Urbane.

The new Android Wear app update comes with several changes to the settings of your smartwatch.  General settings will be just a click away and through them, you will be able to block notifications and choose which calendar you want shown on the watch. You can adjust settings to show card previews. Your watch will remain always-on although its battery life may decrease somewhat.

In the settings, there will also be a new “Cloud Sync” feature which you can opt for, but it will work after you have installed the latest firmware on your Android Wear watch as it will enable Wi-Fi connectivity on it.  If you enable the Cloud Sync feature, you can receive notifications and also search even though your watch may not be connected to your Android phone via Bluetooth. If you disable Cloud Sync, the Wi-Fi connectivity will be turned off on all the Android devices you have. On turning Cloud Sync again, your watch will get back its WI-Fi connectivity.

You can install the Android Wear app update on your Android phone through Google Play Store.


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