Lots of new features and updates of Android OS are introduced during the recent Google’s I/O event. Among other new features, Android is going to have personal screen unlocking that will give the users easy to use the system.

Android personal screen unlocking is such kind of intelligent feature that will give a user’s current location as well as voice print at the time of connecting via Bluetooth device. If you take the android Smartphone near to the Smartwatch, the pattern of personal screen unlock will be bypassed very easily.

Android personal screen unlocking Introduces in Google's I O Event 2

The new intelligence of personal screen unlocking will detect the users is near and do not need to ask for any pattern lock with smartwatch. On the other hand, the device will ask for the pattern screen lock to the unauthorized persons to access to the mobile phone. As a result, the Smartphone users will have a secure and easy to access to the Smartphones at any time.

Android personal screen unlocking is really amazing for the Android users while the users will get safety as well as avoid home screen lock too!