Google has made mobile payment method a lot simpler than it used to be when the company first launches Google Wallet. Instead of having to open the app and key in a PIN to use it, Google just need you to simply tap your phone on the NFC terminal to authorize a payment. This way of mobile payment feature goes by the name of Android Pay.

On top of that, Android Pay is designed such that it can be embedded in apps like Lyft, Grubhub as well as Wish. The way that it works is that it relies on a virtualized credit card which acts like a proxy to your credit card, therefore the credit card information is not shared by merchants. It is also reported that Android Pay will be working with more than 700,000 stores in USA itself which have contactless payment terminals. Furthermore, Google has also partnering with mostly major financial institution in order to make the Android Pay working for the consumer.

Apart from using it with the contactless payment terminal while you are in the physical store, Android Pay can also be used for in-app purchases from online retailers. For example, when you are ordering food from Chipotle or paying an Uber ride, you can also use Google’s payment system.

Android Pay requires Android KitKat to operate at the very minimum; therefore the fingerprint feature is optional. However, with the upcoming release of Android M, it comes with the native fingerprint recognition standard API which is available to developers.