This week ahead everyone must be eyeing for the Google I/O event, which is kick off on May 28th, as to what does Google have this time to offer! The one of the most expected announcements is the new OS Android M. Google has earlier mentioned this new OS as “the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.” Here is a new info which has arrived for this next Android OS.

BuzzFeed and Ars Technica have came with a report that Android M will feature the native fingerprint authentication. Now many of the Android flagship devices from different companies usually come with a fingerprint scanner and the software for this recognition is being developed by the handset makers themselves. Now with Android baking this recognition feature in the OS itself, it would be easy for manufacturers to just add the hardware for the fingerprint scanners to their devices.

We think that the first glimpses of Google’s Android M integration of fingerprint scanner would arrive with the next Google Nexus handset that is likely to come in the second half of the year.

We wonder what new sweet name is the new Android M to get. Well, things will be clear by the end of this week.

sources: BuzzFeedArs Technica