Just days ahead of the start of Google I/O, some leaked screenshots are revealing the next major version of Android. Reddit user Doopl has come across two screenshots of what appears to be the “L” release or 4.5 version of Android. The screenshots were found in Chromium Issue Tracker, which were removed immediately after exposure.

The images show a Google login dialog box that looks entirely different than what you’ll currently see on an Android 4.4 device.There’s also an “L” in the status bar on the screenshots. You may recall that when KitKat was leaked early-on, there was a “K” in the notification bar, indicative of what was initially believed to be key Lime Pie. The placeholder letter appears when the device is plugged into a computer with USB debugging enabled.

androidl2- androidl

The above snapshot reveals the “silence all things” type of  notification mode, similar to the Do Not Disturb feature available on iOS. The status bar on these snapshot is totally transparent and no longer having the slight gradient alike KitKat OS.

While we are not sure about the arrival of  “L” version of Android until Google formally makes the announcement. We have been hearing rumors about Google prepping a Android L design overhaul and testing is almost over in Mountain View. It’s also worth pointing out that these screenshots come from a 1280×768 p resolution handset, specs matching up with the Nexus 4.

Since there hasn’t been a whole lot of information on the Android L release yet, we aren’t expecting Google to discuss it at Google I/O. However, the company might surprise us. Instead, we hope that Google will talk about plenty of other topics, including Google Glass,Android TV, Android Wear and much more.