This year’s Google I/O conference closed yesterday and as always, had shown us myriads of new products, innovations and announcements from the search giant as well as its partners.

One of the biggest announcements that caught many people’s attentions was that of the new Android operating system called the Android L, which was announced on the first day at the conference by Google’s head of Android, Sundar Pichai.

Many phone manufactures including HTC were excited by the news. HTC have said that they will roll out updates of the operating system to their phones.

All-encompassing updates has been made to the operating system with bunches of new features added and lots of changes made. Out of which, the Android L introduced a simplified ‘Material Design’ interface, which is flatter and more colorful. The Android Extension Pack (AEP) for developers is also another big addition that will bring PC class gaming to mobile.

Aside from that, also improved are the search functionality, battery life (‘Project Volta’) and the notification system.

Important notifications will pop up on your lock screen and when you’re performing a task on your phone, notifications will appear at the top of the window of the app you’re working with, which is less inquisitive.

Moreover, Project Volta introduced numerous battery saving tools and features with an aim to optimize battery performance and reduce battery leakage. Limited background updates, and an in-built battery savor mode are some of the key elements added in the operating system in a move to improve battery life.

The newest Android also goes beyond and supports smartwatch and TV. Android Gear and Android TV are to be the operating systems specifically designed for smartwatch and TV respectively.

Google has made no statement on the exact release date of the operating system apart from saying that it is coming ‘this fall’. Nonetheless, preview is available for developers with Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 smart phones.