There is no doubt that Android is the only mobile operating system which allows the user to freely pick, choose and swap multiple open apps without slowing down the system. Android also have widget system which allows the user to put every app on the homescreens so that the user can easily open them when needed.

Recently Apple has made a similar multitasking feature in iOS and it performs quite well in the new iPhones. Windows Phone is also introducing split screen multitasking built into the core, so what is next for Google?

Apparently with rumours circulating around in the internet, Android L, might be introduced having similar feature to Samsung’s multi-window or LG’s Dual Window modes. The first one possibility is to split the screen into two. This will allow users to run two apps at the same screen. The second possibility is to hover the apps in small windows over the top of interface. This gives the feeling that the opened apps is floating on top of the homescreens. This will allows users to browse a web while using notes or calculator.

The second possibility is likely to be build into Android L and is making way to each and every phone running the latest android version. Or, it might be a bug? Well, whatever it is, we just need to be patient for Google and HTC to announce the availability of Android L next week.