The popular android keyboard SwiftKey is going to be free for the users that are one of the most popular Android apps in the market. Previously, the users have to pay $0.99 for this keyboard app but now the company has confirmed not to charge the users. Instead, the company is looking for giving different new add-ons and other features on premium users.

Do you have already purchases for the SwiftKey for Android phone? Don’t despair because all the paid users will be given a package of themes from the company that costs nearly $5.

If you are one of them who do not know about the SwiftKey, this is a popular app for android phones that have been in the market form 2010. The keyboard app gets your typing style and shows suggestions that may help for quick typing.


However, the latest android keyboard SwiftKey has brought some changes but the main features will remain same. On the other hand, you will be given 30 new themes that will change the keyboard color and design. However, you can also purchase for the new stylist themes that will cost $2.99 for 5 themes.

Moreover, the latest update of android keyboard SwiftKey will bring addition adds option beside the number row where you will get the new add-ons. However, the company knows that the latest update will have a good impact on the revenue of the company because it is offering free to the users with some charged features too. However, this is a different marketing strategy of the company that offers the Smartphone users free download from the Google Play Store and purchase for new themes.