The game

The majority of people know Android Wear as a device of the size of a watch which is used for the purpose of notification; however, people certainly do not know it for games. It is just a matter of time that games will be played on Android Wear; thanks to the open sourced nature of the Android Platform. For the first time, we are getting to see the first ever game on Android Wear; it is not something that we expected, but it is still a good progress. The credit for this game goes to a well-known developer Sebastian Mauer who gave Flappy Bird a new life. The popularity of Flappy Bird was dying; however, the launch of the clone of this game for the wearable OS will certainly bring a change.

Download and play

The game is free to download. The users will have to first download it on their smartphones, and from there they will download it on their Android Wear; this is how all apps are downloaded on an Android Wear. In order to download this game, one will go to Play Store. There he can find it in the “Wearbles” section with the name of Flopsy Droid. One cannot expect more from a clone of Flappy Bird. When playing, a person has to keep the character flying for as long as he can. Doing this on a smartwatch makes it more difficult because of the small size of the screen. The main difference between the original game and its clone is that the user has to keep a bird afloat in the original game while in the clone game, he has to keep the Droid afloat.


In case you guys already have smartwatches like Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch then it will be fun if you download this app. Do share your experience when you have downloaded and used the clone of Floppy Bird on your smartwatch. Many experts believe that this game will bring a big change in the industry. The good news is that the developers will be compelled to launch new games for Android Wear platform.