The bridge to the unimaginable is at the verge of being broken. The two most used mobile phone applications are on the verge of being integrated, being the Android OS and the IOS. Six students have made this possible from the Columbia University. Android users will soon be spoilt for choice as whether to use originally android formulated applications or opt for the more developed IOS applications and run them straight from their devices without purchasing a second handset.

The application to make all this possible is called Cider. This is a new android application developed and not the Mac OS software bearing the same name. This application simulates an IOS environment within an android device. IOS applications are then lured to run while utilizing the resources available.


The original android devices are however not affected by Cider as they continue with normal operations. General performance of the IOS applications is however poor. The Cider software is just but a prototype at the moment. This downside therefore has an enormous chance of being overcome as it comes of age with further tweaks. As the software is being developed it is expected for better speeds to be achieved in launching and general usage of these apps.

Limitations are also being experienced when the alien applications try to access hardware on the android devices. For now, the developers have not yet achieved this. Further development also expects the IOS apps to have extensive capabilities with accessing cellular functionalities as well as all hardware available.