Handling both Android and Chrome has become of one of the most challenging parts for Google. At one stage, it seems that Android will be replaced by Chrome according to the new project of Sundar Pichai. Moreover, the project might bring Android to the Laptops OS including Android apps. However, the project has ended due to different circumstances and positions.

However, notifications are going to introduce to the Chromebooks users for different circumstances. Including other notifications, you will have notification for battery low or receive a test or on someone’s call. What will be happen if you have seen messages on hangouts are not clear to the users and Pichai? But, android apps and notifications Chromebooks are in the way of developing.

Android Apps and Notifications in Chromebooks Soon

The demo of android apps and notifications in Chromebooks looks very promising to the field. Chromebooks has run different apps including Vine, Flipboard and Evernote during the demo session. The designs of the android apps are not designed yet as well as any input instruction to the keyboard and mouse. Moreover, the touch-screen photos have not showed any idea of controlling the android apps on Chromebooks to the users.


Keep your eyes on our blog to know more about the android apps and notifications in Chromebooks because it will happen soon but don’t know when!