Google has quietly released Android 5.1 lollipop update without making any formal announcement. This update was released for Android One, Google’s initiative to offer Android experience to budget smartphones in developing markets. Android One is very close to stock Android without any modifications applied by vendors.

Google has released an updated version, Android 5.1 Lollipop for Android One, which offers some minor changes over the Android 5.0.2 release for Nexus smartphones and tablets. One of the useful change is included in the Android Lollipop ‘Quick Settings’ menu. Google has tweaked the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles so that switching between the two wireless connections becomes easy. While Android 5.0 users can toggle on/off Bluetooth menu with just a tap and access the full menu for both with a tap below, in Android 5.1 a tap on the toggle label will open up the whole list of connections without having to leave the quick settings menu. Users just have to tap the connection they want, without the need to open the full settings menu.


Other improvements in the new Android 5.1 update include improved system stability, RAM management and battery management; addition of true silent mode; changes in the Material Design color palette as well as certain other bug fixes and performance enhancements. We hope Android 5.1 update has got rid of many problems found in the earlier Lollipop version giving users a faster and smoother Android experience.

The latest version released publicly for Android Lollipop is 5.0.2, while the Android 5.1 version has been released for Android One devices. It is speculated that Google has been testing this latest update on Nexus devices and that the Nexus line-up might get Android 5.1 soon.


Source Redmond Pie