Apparently, the new update for Android 5.0 Lollipop was welcomed with unfavourable reports, mainly concerning Nexus devices and its flashlight and camera app. Although it was not confirmed yet when the update would be completely revealed, testimonies have already come up that Android 5.0 Lollipop flashlight bug has come up. This is not very surprising since we are taking in a major OS update though.

flashlight bugflashlight bug2flashlight bug3flashlight bug4

Nexus 5 users are mostly affected by this and several of them have proven this to be true. The thing is if you turned on the flashlight, which automatically turns off after a few minutes, the flashlight and the camera app stop functioning. And would only start working again after a reboot, which would be very inconvenient for anyone.

The bug is said to also affect the Nexus 4 although not in the same way and extent. With Nexus 4, the flashlight does not automatically turns off; however, it triggers the camera to stop operating after a few minutes. But the good thing here is that there is no need for a reboot. And I am sure many of you heaved a sigh of relief. Opening it from the lock screen would do the trick!

Are you having the same issues with your handsets?