Most of the Android phone users today turn of the phone’s flashlight either with a torch button offered by the phone’s manufacturer or by downloading an app from the Play Store. Now, if you are lucky to get the Android 5.0 update for your handset, things will turn out to pretty much easy for you. With the Android 5.0, a Google Now command would be enough for you to turn on the flashlight by simply saying “Turn on flashlight“. Similarly, you can turn it off by saying “Turn off flashlight.” The Google Now will also help you for other commands like “Turn on (and off) Wi-Fi” and “Turn on (and off) Bluetooth.”

In addition to receiving the audio feedback for these commands, a Google Now card would appear with a toggle switch allowing users to quickly change the action they have requested. Note that this will not work for other commands like adjusting brightness or volume. In case requested, you will be navigated to the settings tab to change it manually.

So if you are lucky enough to have the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, enjoy this facility from Google and free yourself from sharing your data to any apps from Google Play Store. Check out the images below.

or-Location-Volume-or-Brightness This-feature-wont-work-on-other-settings-like-Airplane-Mode... With-Android-5.0-users-can-control-Wi-Fi-Bluetooth-and-a-flashlight-using-Google-Now-commands

source: AndroidPolice

via PhoneArena