Android Lollipop which is much praised for its modernistic Material Design experience is about to provide next update. Android 5.0 already a great update but there is much research work going on to give more powerful, smooth and stable performance under the hood.

Moreover, such new and prompt releases also often comes with few bugs n faults. iOS 8.0 caused lot of issues for users , so did iOS 8.1 update, which was released soon with announcement of iPad Air.

Google is also not in favour of releasing soon since Android 5.0.1 update is having nasty memory leak issue. It takes 1.3+ GB of RAM resulting in on-screen applications being closed and smartphone often auto-returning to home-screen. Android issue tracker forum has opened a thread on which various Nexus devices’ (Nexus 4,5 and 6) users have raised complains.

Google has already pinpointed the memory leak issue and closed the thread. The prior update is labelled as ‘FutureRelease’, revealing the fix might be added to an incoming update soon.