Recently, Nikola Labs at an event in New York unveiled a different kind of case for the iPhone 6 which could charge the handset by gathering energy from the external radio frequencies. The company has found that more than 90 percent of battery power used by smartphones in data and voice connections gets wasted in air. This particular case shown by Nikola Labs can capture this energy which in turn can be used to charge the smartphone, thereby expanding the battery life by nearly 30 percent. In this era of extensive smartphone usage even a 30 percent of additional power can prove to be very useful.

The iPhone 6 case makes the use two different pieces of technology that is used by the Ohio State University. The first includes a “harvesting” antenna which can capture energy from radio frequencies around the handset and the other is the RF-DC convertor thereby transferring the captured energy into DC current which can be used by the handset. This case can even gather energy from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE frequencies. However, note that the case only does the conversion of energy continuously and does not store any energy.

Moreover, Nikola Labs also showed that the case can even absorb radio frequencies from nearby devices like a Wi-Fi Router and simultaneously start generating the DC current. The company is planning to start a campaign for this product on Kickstarter and is likely to start in a month or so. The case would be priced for $100 and would start shipping at the end of September. This is certainly a very novel idea demonstrated! Leave us your comments on what do you think about this.

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