To compete with other companies who provide Cloud Drive services such as Dropbox, Google and Microsoft; Amazon, the online retail giant has announced two unlimited cloud storage plans for its own Cloud Drive service in almost half of the price that its competitors offer for the same kind of service.

The cloud service from Amazon also offers “Unlimited Photos” as well as “Unlimited Everything” plans. With just $11.99 a year for the Unlimited Photos plan, users are able to upload as many photos and images as they want to their Cloud Drive. Furthermore, users also able to upload videos, however, the video files are capped out at 5GB.

The Unlimited Everything plan is suitable for users who want to upload more than just photos or users who have a lot of important files which they have a hard time organizing the files. The plan is priced at $59.99 a year whereby you can dump all sort of files, from photos to videos into the Cloud Drive. Besides these two plans, Amazon also offers paid storage limited to a certain capacity.

Amazon started to launch the unlimited photo storage plan for its Prime members since last year. This service continues for all Prime users as it is, however, it has been expanded to Amazon’s user outside the loyalty program. For those who are interested, you can go to to get started.