Another one of Oppo’s phones, the Oppo N1 Mini variant seems to be on its way. A new handset listed on FCC’s website seems to be quite similar to the Oppo N1 but is a downsized version of it, with a smaller screen and lower specs. The said device is listed as Oppo N5116 on the FCC website. There were reports in March this year that Oppo was working on N1 Mini variant having a 5-inch display. Well, this may be it.

Oppo N1 Mini-1

Oppo N1 Mini-2

The Oppo N1 Mini has a smaller 5-inch LCD screen with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution as opposed to N1’s 5.9-inch display and 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The battery of the alleged N1 Mini variant is 2140mAh against the 3610mAh battery of the bigger N1. However, the camera remains the same at 13MP with swivel mechanism to rotate the camera by 180 degrees, enabling it to operate both as a back as well as a front camera. No information is available about its processor, RAM or other specs.

Oppo N1 Mini-3

Of course, there is a possibility that Oppo will not name it as the Oppo N1 Mini but call it something else. The release date or price of this new device has also not been revealed.

You can have a look at some more N5116 photos below:

Op N1 Mini-4 Op N1 Mini-5 Op N1 Mini-6 Op N1 Mini-7