All-electric 'Tron' Light Cycle Sold For $77,000

Although Tesla Model S is pretty cool but you can also buy yourself a real working replica of Tron: Legacy light cycle. An eccentric fan of Tron spent $77,000 lavishly on the splendid all electric marvel. The fully functional motor bike is the perfect replica of the bike shown in Tron: Legacy movie screened in 2010.

The all-electric light cycle was auctioned by world’s top car collector auctioneer RM Sotheby’s having 35 years of experience in the car collector industry. The bid price range was set between $25,000 to $40,000.

Being designed originally for the Andrews Collection, the all-electric bike was enlisted to be “as-new condition.”

During auction of this all-electric replica of Tron: Legacy light cycle the feature details were as follow: It contains a 96-volt direct-drive electric motor having lithium batteries with a computer-controlled throttle, the suspension mechanism contains rigid rear suspension and spring-preload front suspension for damping of rebound and compression. It also has rear and front hydraulic brakes.

Not many details are on the record about this eccentric fan of Tron:Legacy Light Cycle purchaser who spent $77,000 to buy this perfect replica of light cycle. Also, details of light cycle itself are also pretty obscure.

As far as the riding is concerned this light cycle has a very low seat height of 28.5 inches which makes it very easy and comfortable to ride at both low and high speeds. At last but not the least it’s legal to sprint this elegant and dynamically designed replica of Tron:Legacy light cycle on street.