Alcatel has done a lot of things to market its products across United States. One of them is selling unlocked devices directly to consumer on its website, like the ONETOUCH Idol X+ and ONETOUCH Idol 2S. Each of the smartphone is selling under $300 without any contract.

In this era of wearable devices, Alcatel also has its own version of a wearable device. In January this year, the company has launched ONETOUCH Watch at CES in Las Vegas. The watch will be priced at $149 and able to work with iPhone and Android smartphone. On top of that it has battery life of 3-to-5 days. To charge the device, you just need to unsnap the tip of the wrist band and plug it to a USB-2.0 port. The charging time will take an hour or less.

Alcatel-ONETOUCH-Watch (1)

Alcatel ONETOUCH watch has the look of a traditional watch. From outside it does not look like a smartwatch, but it does have features that a smartwatch is supposed to have. It is able to provide notifications, activity monitoring, music controls and heart rate data. On top of that, it also has an altimeter, e-compass, NFC tag and IP67 water and dust resistant.

The display size is 1.22-inches in diameter and completely round, similar to Moto 360. There are a number of watch faces which you can choose for. It also comes with a camera. When you shake your wrist, it will activate your camera.

Alcatel smartwatch is able to connect to a smartphone running on Android 4.3 and iPhone with iOS 7 or later. Users who are interested to try the product is able to pre-order for ONETOUCH watch with a black wrist band now from the website. Other color will be available later this year.