Two years in the making,, the famous musician, has finally launched Puls. The device was unveiled at’s Dreamforce event in San Fransisco. However, there is no further detail on the pricing yet.

The musician insists that Puls is not only a smartwatch but it also can make phone calls without being tethered to a smartphone.  It also boasts an array of apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, GPS and a voice-controlled assistant, named AndeedA.  On top of that, it has 16GB of memory, 1GB of RAM, speakers, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as GPS for maps, a pedometer and accelerometer for fitness apps. According to Engadget, the device is running on Android-based operating system by using a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

As mentioned above, Puls included a voice-controller assistant, AndeedA. AneedA is the perfect virtual assistant. It can take dictation to send a text or email, songs on-demand , post to Facebook, schedule appointments and makes calls.

There is also a built-in music app found in the device. It can store the music locally as well as use a digital music service from a British company called 7digital. This service will require a data plan. The data plan will be available from AT&T in the USA and from O2 in the UK.

The cuff of the smart watch will comes in four colors, black, white, pink and blue. is not a new player in the technology industry. Aside from music, he is also has a strong background in science and technology. In 2011, Intel named him as a director of creative innovation. He has a role in helping to develop the firm’s range of phones, tablets and laptops.