Samsung launched Milk Music last month seemingly out of nowhere, a music streaming service to compete with Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music and countless others already on the market.

Milk Music currently offers over 200 radio stations with more than 13 million songs from 17 different genres. It offers curated playlists and also allows creating personal stations from particular tracks, stations that are synced between all Samsung devices owned by a user.


Samsung has released an info graph that reveals that users will soon encounter ads when trying to use the service. Samsung’s planned pricing falls in line with that of Slacker, the music service that Samsung partnered with to launch Milk Music. Slacker offers a $3.99 monthly subscription — which allows unlimited skipping, no ads, offline playback and some exclusive stations — while a $9.99 top-tier allows songs/albums on demand, custom playlists and more.

Milk Music is only available to US-based Samsung customers, so it could well be that the monetization plan is Samsung’s first step to talking the service global, and perhaps even to other devices.