If you do not use any fitness tracking devices and watches, you have not heard of Withings. Withings is a well known brand for watches especially for the fitness sector.

Activite Pop is the new analog clock by the brand with a built-in tracker for the users. The tracker provides information of your sleep, steps and swimming by tracking them. Moreover, it can connect with your smartphone to show you the information via Bluetooth 4.0.

Withings has another expensive model that will cost you $450. The expensive wearable of Withings will provide leather straps and offers pedometer.

Activite Pop Analog Clock At $150 launched by Withings  1

The new $150 Activite Pop is available in three different colors including Bright Blue, Sand and Dark Gray. Moreover, the straps are made of same color silicone.

Withings Activite Pop is a fashionable wear with a normal analog watch. Therefore, you can wear this at any time that also shows percentage of your goal. Use the smartphone app and set the settings of the Withings watch comfortably.

Each of the Withings wearable has 8 month battery life and also offers morning alarm to the users. Withings announces that the wearables will be available from the next month in the market.