As the Mobile World Congress 2015 is drawing closer, we are getting more and more news about the devices that will be showcased there. There is also a mounting curiosity and excitement about what other surprises the event will bring. Well, the news from Taiwanese company Acer is that it is going to introduce a brand new Windows 10 smartphone at the MWC.

Taiwanese company Acer is better known for its PCs and Laptops but it has also been rolling out a few smartphones over the years. A majority of its phones have been Android-based and very few were Windows-based, that too before Windows Phones came on the scene. Acer is now back in the Windows phone market after more than three years with its new Windows 10 smartphone at the MWC. Along with it, the company is also set to release a new Android-based Jade series smartphone and a new wearable device.

There is no information about specs, pricing or availability of the Acer Windows 10 phone. Windows 10 was officially launched in September last year but Microsoft is still giving some finishing touches to it and the OS only will be released in fall this year. So Acer’s Windows 10 smartphone will probably become available after that.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted about Acer’s various announcements at the MWC as and when they occur. Stay tuned!


Source Focus Taiwan

Via PhoneArena