Pebble wrist wear has been riding up on the ladder of success and flourishing in the market due to an intensified campaign of Kickstarter and creating massive success gradually.  A few companies like LG and Samsung are keen on the same thriving industry and want to showcase their own commodities hypothesizing that it will hit the rack before iWatch from Apple gets launched. These innovative and hi-tech watches are smart and an awesome utility based products, but can be said to be an extravagance at times for the needs of some users. If this scenario is happening to you then you must take a notice into a Glance Kickstarter campaign by Kiwi Wearables

Earning the title of an “astute accessory” by the company of Kickstarter campaign, this smart commodity is embedded with some winning features unlike an overdo tethered advanced smartwatch. It doesn’t imply that this powerful device can’t provide you plentitude of  smart features.

This accessory is capable of tracking your physical location and can alert you on any incoming calls while it is connected to smartphone via Bluetooth LE. It is endowed with features like motion and activity tracking, a treat to those who are vigilant about their health. The  kit is exceptionally thin and frivolous.

pebble 2

Molded from machined aluminium, this kit is hard wearing, but with a stylized outlook. This accouterment comes with custom built leather wrist band to make the Glance steady and fix in its place.

One of the best properties of this commodity is its design to perfectly get placed in any of the wrist based accouterment.

This highly divergent compact OLED display is small though it is followed by multicolor LED amalgamation shows variant colors for variant feedback types. It is evident that the outer look is designed perfectly by instilling the 3D sensor motion in the aluminium shield.

pebble 3

An initiative by Kiwi wearables for this smart aesthetic Glance is a remarkable task. This product is ready to be exceptional and is capable of getting in the limelight among any other intelligent timepiece. Chances are that it could be a favorite accessory in the mass due to its high tech potential.

This exciting device works well with Android Apps and native Ios capable of commanding Smart TV and computers. Further plans include launching a native Blackberry and Windows apps, but the goal has to reach the pre-planned target before it works for another.


Glance is a simple wearable which won’t interfere with your attire you are wearing or you can say that it is just a simple yet elegant wearable you can use it everyday and everywhere.