Access Your Apps Easily with Android Wear Mini Launcher

Since the launch of the Android Wear devices, it has been a problem for users to quickly access the apps with their device. They either have to scroll through a list to find the app they want to launch or the other option is voice command. Although voice command can launch an app much quicker as you only have to shout the name of the app but in a noisy area this simple task gets much harder.

Now, with the help of Android Wear Mini Launcher this task becomes much easier. This app is made for android wearable devices; with it you can simply launch the app you want without any trouble. The app presents you with a Smartphone style menu screen on your wearable device. You can easily launch your apps by simply tapping on them. You can also scroll through your apps by swiping from the top left corner of your wearable device. This method of searching and selecting apps is much simpler than default. Also, in noisy areas this app can be of great use.

Lots of apps are being developed for Android wearable devices since their launch. With the arrival of more apps it is becoming much easier to use your wearable devices more efficiently.

Android Wear Mini Launcher is already available for download. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The app has size of 2.7MB.If you have an Android Wearable device then it is must that you give this app a try.