Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, has announced that he is going to make it difficult for abuser to post statements that is abusing other users in Twitter in the future. Furthermore, he added that he is going to take personal responsibility for the poor handling of abusing statements by Twitter during his tenure as CEO and pledged to do better in the future.

Costolo outlined a plan eventhough it is not in detail that he is going to make it easier to ban people from Twitter and ensure that abusive statements harder to aim directly to any users which can dominate their timelines.

The current reporting process of harassment or abuse in Twitter is that the users who received the abuse statements will have to report the abuse and the account is suspended. However, the owner of the suspended account can just open up a new account and repeat the whole process again. Costolo plans to reverse this process so that it is going to be difficult to be an abuser and makes it harder for the abusive statements to be posted on the platform.

Costolo said “The way I would frame it is people should have a right to speak freely on the platform, but you don’t necessarily have a right to have your mentions of me show up in my mentions timeline with whatever you choose to say, and your response is that I can call you whatever I want to call you. I think that’s one way to think about it. I generally have the right to speak freely on the platform, but I don’t have the right to have whatever nasty things I want to say about you show up in your mentions.