Apple Watch was released recently. iFixit, a repair company, has opened up the device in order to show us what are the components which can be found in the device. Apparently, there are additional sensors which are not announced by Apple embedded inside Apple Watch. These sensors are the sensors used to measure the oxygen level in the human blood. However, these sensors are disabled.

The way that it supposed to work is that the sensors will send pulses of light down through the skin and measure the oxygen molecules which reflect the light back. However, this can be interrupted by arm hair, sweat and dirt which make the measurement to be not accurate.  The sensors are placed at the back of Apple Watch. If this issue has been solved, then most probably the function can be turned on via software update.

It seems like Apple wants to focus more on health through its new feature HealthKit which allows all the health and fitness apps to work together and provide the user with some useful information about his/her own health. HealthKit feature is available starting from iOS 8.

Apple Watch is available in three models, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport Edition and Apple Watch Edition.