Google has formed a group of four people from Google X labs to look into new technologies which can create a new type of battery that the company can use for their own devices such as smartphones, wearables or tablets. It was started in 2013 which before that, they were used to test third party batteries for Google’s own product. The group was led by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, a former Apple employee which has experience in working with battery for Apple products.

The next generation of battery that Google is currently experimenting in will be a flexible solid-state form. As the current is transmitted on a solid-state instead of liquid chemicals, it will be safer and can be smaller size and thinner than the current battery. Therefore, it will be suitable for mobile and wearable devices.

On top of that, the battery that Google is experimenting currently could also be used to power products which in the end could be safely implemented on a human body. For example, Google Glass, it needs battery which is small enough but powerful enough to play a video on the product.  Another example, Google’s blood glucose measuring contact lens, the battery should be safe enough so that it will not be flammable when it is used.

Apparently other technology companies apart from Google are also experimenting in new batteries which should be long lasting, affordable, safer and smaller than the current battery which made of lithium-ion cells. This new batteries will definitely give more advantages to the consumers.