Tech companies are usually very secretive about their data centers, but not Google. The Mountain View tech giant has shared some great photos of its various data centers around the world.

Google maintains several high-tech data centers in many different parts of the world including South Carolina, North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, Oregon, and Oklahoma in the US as well as in Chile, Singapore, Taiwan, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland. The company says that they have to operate so many data centers worldwide to keep their products and services running 24×7.

Google has been building its data centers for more than 12 years now. They are highly efficient and eco-friendly, using renewable energy as far as possible. Google’s is the most powerful server network in the whole world.

Let us take a tour inside some of Google’s data centers dubbed by it as the “physical internet.”

Google’s Council Bluffs, Iowa data center:

This is the outer view. A family of deer can be seen outside.


The Iowa data center has over 115,000 sq. ft. of space. These servers help YouTube and Google Search to work efficiently.


Steel beams support the huge structure at the Council Bluffs, Iowa data center.


This is Iowa data center’s campus network room. The routers and switches allow data centers to talk to one another. Networks connecting them run at speeds of over 200,000 times than our typical home internet connection.


Google’s The Dalles, Oregon data center:

Huge space.


Steam rising above the cooling towers, plumes of water vapor creating a mist at dusk at the Oregon data center.


Google’s Douglas County, Georgia data center:

These colorful pipes circulate water for cooling the center. Bikes are used for transportation inside the massive facility.


Douglas County, Georgia data center: These are the pipes with highly pressurized water to be used in case of fire. The water is cleaned and filtered regularly to avoid contamination if they are required to use it.


Douglas County, Georgia data center: Blue LEDs on servers show that everything is running smoothly.


Google’s St. Ghislain, Belgium data center:

Google destroys failed drives on site to keep users’ data safe.


Google’s Berkeley County, South Carolina data center:

A closer view of the backup tapes in the tape library. Each tape has a special barcode so that the robotic system can easily locate them.


Google’s Mayes County, Oklahoma data center:

Behind the server aisle, numerous fans take away hot air into the cooling unit.


Mayes County, Oklahoma data center: Long catwalk where workers can get a good view for monitoring cooling towers.


Google’s Hamina, Finland data center:

Outer picturesque view on the shores of a frozen gulf.


Hamina, Finland data center: Inside view. Server floors require massive space and efficient power to run Google’s products. Google’s data centers use just 50% energy of what is used by a normal data center.


Hamina, Finland data center: Coolant system to remove the heat from the system. Cool seawater from the gulf is user for cooling the data center.


 Hamina, Finland data center: The beautiful conference room just outside the sauna area where employees can relax.


Hamina, Finland data center: Group photo of the Finland team ice fishing outside the data center in the frozen gulf.



Source Google, Business Insider