Olio is a new startup company in San Francisco which has been around for a couple of years now.  It has been working on its own version of smartwatch which includes the hardware and software.  The smartwatch is made of stainless steel body and measures in 48mm wide and weighs just 2.36 ounces.  Similar to Apple, Olio will offer two types of watch face material, a steel or black steel. The steel material will be priced at $595 while the black steel will be priced at $745 respectively.

Olio watch comes with Bluetooth radio which is able to sync features with a compatible iOS or Android smartphones. On top of that, the device will offer a number of hardware sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer as well as an audio capabilities which will allow users to interact with Google Now or Siri depending on the platform which the smartwatch is connected with.


What makes Olio different than other smartwatches from other companies is that Olio does not comes with app store or additional apps for the watch.  This is because Steve Jacobs, the CEO and founder of Olio believes that Apple and other manufacturers had made a mistake by trying to repeat the success of the smartphone app store into smartwatch as the display size of a smartwatch is much smaller than smartphone.

Olio currently has 14 employees in the Bay Area with the smartwatch manufactured outsourced to Flextronics in China. Olio will be available to pre-order today in limited numbers and it will start shipping in summer.