Everyone is into music. Go out on the streets and how many people do you see wearing headphones?  You would probably see at least one in every corner. You see, we all long for an escape or solitude in the midst of a crowd. And a pair of headphones is the handiest device to grant it. It comes in different designs, sizes, even price tags. Getting yourself a pair of premium headphones is sure worth it. It drowns you with the best acoustics. It’s like listening straight from the recording studio or from a live performance. Here is a list of nine audio engineering feats in the past 50 years. Would you buy any of these insanely expensive headphones?

1. K812 – Austrian brand, AKG, launched these open-backed flagship headphones. Designed to be comfortable and robust valued at $1,990.




2. PS1000 – these Grado headphones are made to reproduce soundstage from studio recordings. This Brooklyn-made device is free of room effects and placement problems. Price: $1,700.




3. HiFiMAN HE-6 – “Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone for the Critical Listener.” It is not considered as the world’s finest headphones for nothing. Price: $1,299.



4. T1 – made lightweight like all other Beyerdynamic’s Tesla headphones. Don its elegant look and enjoy outstanding neutral sound. Price: $1,400.



5.  HD 800 – said to be the best sounding headphone. Sennheiser crafted this to produce realistic sound with minimum resonance.

HD 800


6. Edition 5 – not the most expensive on our list but a very rare design. Ultrasone produced only 555 of this premium headphone.

Edition 5


7. W5000 – considered to be Audio-Technica’s $1,200 Bentley. It gives any audiophile a new level of sound quality and listening comfort.



8. Audeze LCD-3 – high-end headphones famed for its tight, impressive bass and lush acoustic. Price: $1,945.

Audeze LCD-3


9. Abyss AB-1266 – the priciest headphone on the list. Distinctively designed with adjustable two piece headband. It might ask a lot for an investment, but it sure does sound better than anything you have ever tried! Price: $5,495.

Abyss AB-1266