These days, news regarding the Nexus 9 tablet from Google is catching up more heat. The recent news shows that the Google Nexus 9 could be made by HTC. However, there were also reports that HTC is working on a tablet after its recent launch of its flagship HTC One M8. Now this can mean that it is the same Nexus 9 Tablet that could be made by HTC.


Director of tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology, Rhoda Alexender, shed some light on this tablet. The Nexus 9 from Google could be a high-performance gadget. A recent report at Digitimes Research volume production of the device is believed to start in July or August and the price to be higher than $299. The device is also believed to have a resolution of more than 2K.

The upcoming Nexus 9 Tablet will have the highest pixel density. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 boasts 2560×1600 pixels on screen and is priced for $399. This means that with the arrival of Nexus 9, the competition is certainly going to be heated up and fierce looking at the popularity of Nexus line of products. If the news turns to be true, we can expect a premium design from the device maker HTC.